Meet Our Agents

Ellen Shaughnessy, Broker (PA+NJ)
Experience counts: Ellen has been selling real estate full-time in this area since 2002. She has completed over 500 successful real estate transactions (June 2019). Ellen was a web project manager with D+B and holds an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and an international marketing BS/BA from Villanova University. Ellen worked full-time for Prudential (all former Prudentials are now Berkshire Hathaways) Paul Ford Realtors, as she earned her PA and NJ Brokers’ licenses. Ellen launched her  independent Free Bridge Realty,llc Boutique Brokerage in March of 2014: Broker/Owner .

MaryEllen Cox, PA Realtor
MaryEllen has been selling real estate in this area since 2001. Her focus is on fine homes, investment properties & commercial. With over 170 successful transactions under her belt (Sept 2018), you can count on MaryEllen. She recently sold the Nature’s Way building & the Churchman business school building in downtown Easton. MaryEllen has been very involved in the community and enjoys photography. She is knowledgeable and fun – a joy to work with!

Dana Huber, PA Realtor
Dana has lived in the Easton area her whole life and runs the adult program at NCCC. She has invested in real estate and worked on some fixers and rentals – now she’s taking her passion to the next level to help you buy & sell those.

Sonya Schenewolf, PA Realtor
joined Free Bridge Realty in the Spring of 2018. Sonya brings over 5 years of real estate title insurance experience with her, plus an incredible work ethic, a keen attention to detail, and first-class customer service skills. Sonya hit the ground running and has a growing stream of very happy buyers and sellers already in her wake. 484.546.9382

Leon Nigohosian, PA Realtor
graduated from Lehigh University and holds a graduate business degree from The Wharton School. A practicing intellectual law/patent attorney – Leon just might be one of the most brilliant Realtors you can work with! He brings to Free Bridge Realty solid experience with commercial  investment properties.

Andrea Dudeck, PA Realtor
Your home. Your heart. Your sanctuary.
Andrea believes that your home is your sanctuary.  Whether it is condominium or historic mansion, your home is respite from the outside world and all its stressors.
A lifetime resident of the Lehigh Valley, Andrea has spent the past 20 years working in the culinary field. She is a gifted photographer.
With Andrea as your Realtor, you will enjoy her smart creative approach and excellent communication.

Tara McKiniry, PA Realtor
Tara brought ten years of real estates sales experience with her, when she joined Free Bridge Realty in early 2015 as a salesperson. She has sold real estate in Palm Beach, FL, Monmouth County, NJ and New York City markets.

Michelle Tauber, PA Realtor
Michelle has lived in many properties from coast to coast and moved to the Lehigh Valley from Park City, UT. Her  clients appreciate Michelle’s energy, diligence, and outside-the-box enthusiasm she brings to every transaction. Available to work with you in the Valley down to center city Philly, she understands these areas well – she’s been living here since 2000. With a do-it-now attitude and stellar reviews, she takes your property needs into full account.
Visionary. Investor. Stage to Sell. Realtor®. Contact Michelle directly at 484.767.9962 to get the process going.

Linda Dawson, PA Realtor
Accomplished and distinguished Realtor Linda has been selling residential and commercial real estate since 1978. Consistently in the top 5% of sales agents in central NJ, Linda comes to FBR with her PA license and will be selling primarily in Bucks County. 908.256.0766

Cynthia Curtis, NJ Realtor
Cynthia has been a NJ Realtor since 1997 and was seeking an ethical independent boutique office… we are happy that she landed here, at FBR!Cynthia owns the Perfect Christmas Tree farm link: in Lopatcong. She owns an 18th century stone farmhouse and is a graduate of Bard College in Annondale-on-Hudson NY. We are happy to welcome another experienced and creative architecture fan to the team!

Buyers’ Agent / Sellers’ Agent… so – what is the difference and what are the roles of a Realtor?

If you are looking to purchase real estate, a licensed Realtor can represent your interests as a Buyers’ Agent. A buyer’s agent is hired by prospective buyers to help them find the right property and to represent them in a real estate transaction. The buyer’s rep works in the buyer’s best interest throughout the transaction and owes fiduciary duties to the buyer. The buyer can pay the licensee directly through a negotiated fee, or the buyer’s rep may be paid by the seller or through a commission split with the seller’s agent. At some point you will sign a buyer agency agreement with the Realtor that you choose to work with/ represent you in a transaction.
Why would you sign such a thing? Because it is a time investment for the Realtor and if you are working with an agent that has good experience and works hard for you – that Realtor would greatly appreciate your loyalty, since agents are paid only on commission, when a property closes.

If you want to sell real estate, a licensed agent can represent your as a Sellers’ Agent. The seller’s agent is hired by and represents the seller. All fiduciary duties are owed to the seller. This agency relationship is created with a listing contract. Buyers Agent or Sellers’ Agent – We work hard and get results. See the PA Consumer Notice here – it explains the roles of a Realtor. This a non-contractual form that we explain to you and you sign, when you start working with an agent.

Attention licensed agents: If you are a self-starter dynamo, and like the idea of an independent unique boutique agency, let Ellen know!

Our Marketing Experience

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