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Ellen Shaughnessy Broker

Ellen Shaughnessy
Broker (PA+NJ)

Experience counts: Ellen has been selling real estate full-time in PA + NJ since 2002. She has completed around 1000 successful real estate transactions and is engaged in the community. Experienced + trustworthy: the culture of FBR's team AWESOME. Our agents are so great to work with, in this super competitive market.

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Dana Huber PA Realtor

Dana Huber
PA Realtor

Dana has lived in the Easton area her whole life and runs the adult program at NCCC. She invests in real estate and updated many fixers and rentals. Trust Dana's ocal knowledge - she knows real estate like the back of her hand!

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Sonya Schenewolf PA Realtor

Sonya Schenewolf
PA Realtor

joined Free Bridge Realty in the Spring of 2018. A lifetime resident of the Lehigh Valley, Sonya has over 8 years of real estate title research experience.

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Tara McKiniry PA Realtor

Tara McKiniry
PA Realtor

Tara brought ten years of real estates sales experience with her, when she joined Free Bridge Realty in early 2015 as a salesperson.

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Cynthia Curtis NJ Realtor

Cynthia Curtis
NJ Realtor

Cynthia has been a NJ Realtor since 1997 and was seeking an ethical independent boutique office… we are happy that she landed here, at FBR!

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Linda Dawson PA Realtor

Linda Dawson
PA Realtor

Accomplished and distinguished Realtor Linda has been selling residential and commercial real estate since 1978.

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Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason

As a Branch Manager of Developers' Mortgage, in the Karl Stirner Arts Bldg on Ferry St. Easton. Mike has excellent experience with getting mortgages to the finish line. He is an excellent resource and now licensed to sell real estate as well (just not as the lender on his own transactions).

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