Our local rental market is quite strong and developers continue to re-purpose cool vintage architecture into modern lofts that take advantage of great views and walkability. Here is a standard PA Realtors’ rentalApp. We pull a credit report for our landlords with each application, which will cost approx $16.00 for each applicant (all over 18 must fill one out – will need an email address for each adult). We also check with employment references, prior landlords and the local magistrates for any prior evictions or legal issues. A good rule-of-thumb for either rental or home-ownership, is that your household should bring in at least 3x the monthly rent [or PITI/mortgage] in income, in order to live comfortably.

When you look at rental properties without a Realtor, be careful of people that ‘pose’ as Realtors – especially if they are asking you for a security deposit or fee right away when you see a place. Realtors have a state license and have a business card with a local brokerage on it. Some people have recently been reporting scams that are out there on craigslist and other ‘rental classifieds’.

Did you know that you could possibly OWN a house for under $800 /month? Home ownership means more responsibility, but if you are ready for it we can help you. Current rental listings are on

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